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Welcome To Alpha Cascade…

by the Community Cordinator

Welcome to Alpha Cascade Systems Community
Welcome to Alpha Cascade Systems Community (ACS) the Ground Zero for the protection of
Democracy, delivery of Prosperity, Security, and God-Fearing Leadership to members (Nigerians in
Nigeria and the Diaspora) in all 36 states and Federal Capital Territory.
An Alternative Pathway
ACS was organized to offer an alternative pathway to effective and sustainable democracy for the Nigeria
of our dreams that is built on the foundation of God-Fearing-Leadership, Prosperity, and Security.
ACS believes that God-Fearing-Leadership will deliver sustainable prosperity and security to every
community in Nigeria.
How it Works
ACS has several proprietary plans and programs through which resources, technology, and management
know-how are harnessed to achieve the stated goals and objectives of the endeavor of its members in
domestic and international markets.
ACS provides a hands-on approach to working with members to achieve stated goals and objectives.
When an encounter requires funding, ACS would provide the majority of the funds for a minority interest.
ACs would also provide the necessary guardrails for the success of the endeavor to create generational

Members are free to join any political party of their choice but are advised to vote for God-Fearing Leaders in every election in Nigeria.


ACS is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission and organized for the sole purpose of
facilitating sustainable prosperity and God-Fearing-Leadership of its members (Mind, Body, and Spirit –
MBS), their family members, and communities. ACS has a hands-on approach of not just teaching
members how to be sustainably successful but also partnering with them in the process.

Gateway to Opportunities
ACS offers members the gateway to take advantage of the opportunities in Nigeria and the USA to
become sustainably successful and create sustainable prosperity for themselves, their families, and their
communities. ACS is with you all the way in your journey to sustainable prosperity that is built on God-
ACS is the only community that can offer group guarantees for members to get funding to engage in a
sustainably successful business endeavor in the USA regardless of whether you live in Nigeria or the


ACS has a Poverty Alleviation Program to lift out of poverty in 5 years, about 100 million
Nigerians who are multidimensionally poor without taking any money from the Federal or State
government. ACS plans to transform them into God-Fearing Leaders.

For the 80 million unemployed Nigerians, ACS has a plan to transform most of them into
productive professionals with employable skills and deliver prosperity to them, their family
members, and their communities. ACS also plans to transform them into God-Fearing Leaders.

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